Now what Gold Edition


The Now What Gold Edition is now available and here are some details of what it includes and where you can get it. Amazon Germany Amazon USA iTunes Germany CD1 1. A Simple Song 2. Weirdistan 3. Out of Hand…

Sunflower Superjam DVD


Sunflower Jam are excited to announce they are releasing the DVD of The Sunflower SUPERJAM 2012 on September 16th and opening for pre-orders august 20! You can order the DVD in PAL or NTSC format at the following links:

Concert For Jon

The Sunflower Jam, a charity set up by Ian Paice’s wife Jacky, is organising what promises to be a once-in-a-lifetime music concert to celebrate Jon Lord’s life. This will take place at the beginning of next year and will raise…


NOW What ?! features 11 songs: 1. A Simple Song 2. Weirdistan 3. Out Of Hand 4. Hell To Pay 5. Body Line 6. Above And Beyond 7. Blood From A Stone 8. Uncommon Man 9. Après Vous 10. All…