General FAQ

But what about www.deeppurple.com?
That is a site targeted towards the fan. It is the official online fanclub where you can purchase loads of things.

Can I have a backstage pass?
The webmaster has no control over guest lists and backstage passes so unfortunately can't help you.
Can I have an autograph?
Unfortunately this is not possible. It would be rather difficult to arrange signed items especially dedicated ones as the band live in different ends of the world and when they tour they are very busy. Also, if the band would act on all requests, they wouldn't have time to tour or record new songs.
Can I send Ian a personal message?
Which Ian? Remember that there are two of them so please be specific. And ofcourse you can send any bandmember a personal message. It just may not be forwarded to the person in question.

Do you accept emails with attached files?

E-mails with attachments will be deleted without having been opened. To send something with an attachement, contact the webmaster first using the contact form.
I can't find my question.

If you have questions you can't see here, please go to your absolute best friend first. His name is www.google.com If he can't find the answer for you, then do email the webmaster.
Enjoy the music and thanks for the understanding.
I have re-recorded/re-mixed (insert title of song) and now I want to release it. What should I do?
You need to speak with EMI Publishing in UK.
I would like you to listen to my band/see my photos/look at my Deep Purple art.
NOOOOO! Don't send any attachments. They will be deleted.
Is this the real Deep Purple?
This is indeed the official site. It has been the band's official site since 2002 and continues to operate as such as it is owned by Deep Purple and their management Thames Talent Ltd.
I'm in a band and I want to play as your support band on the next tour/when you visit my city.
You need to contact the local promoter and check with them if they need a local band as support.
Which languages do you respond to_
If you have a question that hasn't been answered here, please do send it to but write in ENGLISH!
Why haven't you answered my email?

Did you read this FAQ first? Did you find you find the answer to your question in here? If you did, that is why you have not received the answer in an e-mail.
"Why aren't they playing my town/country?" or "When are they playing my town/country?" or "I have heard that they will play x town/country but can't find it in the tourdates list. Why is that?"
OK, here we go.
Why - probably as it didn't fit the schedule.
When - if you don't see it on the tour dates page on www.deep-purple.com it is probably not happening.
Can't find the date - same answer as "When"

The official site will ONLY list dates that have been confirmed. Just because you have seen tickets on sale does not mean the gig is confirmed. When the band's management tells me to post dates I will. Those dates are then confirmed.

Then again - nothing is really confirmed until you see it happening :)

Press FAQ
I am a writer/journalist/photographer and I want to review/interview/photograph the band.
Use the contact form including some credentials that can be checked. Please note that when it comes to festivals you should contact the promoter. And to increase your chances of receiving a photopass - have your department editor or the writer apply for them. Photographers - you need to be on assignement.
For concert reviews, please contact the promoter directly.
While your here, register for the press section so we have your details on file.

Promoters FAQ
I am a promoter and I would like to book the band for a concert.
Please use the contact form and include some details of the event and your company, what bands you have promoted in the past, which city and country you want them to play, the date range you are looking for and a little something about the venue would be nice too.